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dawn anna williamson

about me

I’m a British/Irish actress born and raised in the heart of England, a stone’s throw from Shakespeare’s birthplace and the town where Tolkien lived as a child and which later inspired ‘Middle Earth’. It’s no wonder I grew up with drama in my bones.

I was theater trained at stage school from age 3 and went on to work all around the world as a TV Host; that person who yells ‘who are you wearing’ on the red carpet, yeah that was me.

After graduating with an honors Degree in Design & Media Management I moved into lifestyle journalism, later transitioning into a very successful career in fashion, as a celebrity stylist with clients including four of the UK’s Premiership football teams. My diverse career has always courted the more glamorous side of life.

Thanks to hard work, tenacity, celebrity endorsement and international press and TV appearances, I was granted an EB1 Green card in 2016 – that’s the one for ‘Aliens of Exceptional Ability’ which I’d like to think just about sums me up. And so, I moved to NYC with only one plan: study acting, after all, it was the dream that never gave up. I began with Meisner at Terry Schreiber, Uta Hagen technique at HB Studio, Improv at UCB and finally found my on-camera home with Bob Krakower and his coaches. My work includes TV, Film and Theater with credits from Nickelodeon, HBO Showtime, Amazon Prime, Universal Music and E Entertainment. A very famous acting teacher once told me: “You are a joy to watch, totally fearless” and I’ll take that.

I’m proud to say I’ve had a life less ordinary; travelled extensively and learned new skills at every opportunity, I’ve lived in many fabulous places; Spain, Ireland, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and each of them has become a part of me. I can speak 5 languages, I’m a trained Pole dancer, Kickboxer, Yoga and Pilates instructor. I spend my free time volunteering at a cat and a dog rescue, caring for animals has been my life’s passion. I’m also a published author, award-winning screenplay writer, oh and I love playing golf – I’m nothing, if not surprising.